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Avslutade projekt

Waste to Resource

By the right treatment of waste, everybody can contribute in preventing climate change and use waste as a resource. In the Waste2Resource project, the East Sweden Region and the Sarajevo Canton are starting a long-term collaboration to promote exchange of experience and raise the standard of waste management.

The main task of the project is to contribute to the development of a sustainable waste management system in the Sarajevo Canton. The increasingly swift rate of societal change and thereby also increasing waste volumes requires an increase in knowledge, competence, and resources in the fields of energy and environment. The Waste2Resource project is providing information and tools to support investments that are required when introducing a sustainable waste management system.

About the Project

The Waste to Resource project aims to support introduction of a sustainable waste management system in the Sarajevo Canton by providing information and tools to boost investments.

The overall objective of the project is to increase the level of local democracy and citizen’s possibilities to influence a sustainable development in Sarajevo Canton. This is possible by providing a coherent waste management system. The project will also in the long run contribute in creating an improved infrastructure in the Sarajevo Canton in terms of waste management, which is a prerequisite for collection of household waste.

Improving the conditions for primary waste separation is an important step for the citizens to be able to influence and take responsibility for the environmental situation in their region. A well-functioning service system will also increase the citizen’s trust in public authorities and the legitimacy of the public organizations. The project focus is on primary waste separation but it is also touching upon possibilities for business development together with creation of new jobs and growth. Job creation and business opportunities are important aspects in the local democracy process to reduce poverty and social exclusion.

Project partners
Östsam Regional Development Agency, Sweden
Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency (SERDA), Bosnia and Herzegovina
East Sweden Energy Agency, Sweden

Project duration
September 2012 - June 2014

Project financing
ICLD (Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy)

Project activities

  • Assessment of current waste situation;
  • Assessment of market potential and socio-economic impacts of sustainable waste management;
  • Establishing methodologies and routines for efficient waste collection;
  • Gathering, informing and training key stakeholders concerned and affected of sustainable waste management;
  • Development of action plan to facilitate cost-efficient and energy efficient treatment of waste.

Project objectives

  • Increased knowledge about current waste management situation in Sarajevo and East Sweden Region (challenges, actions to be taken, management etc).
  • Improved knowledge about environmental effects of waste among civil servants and policy makers in Sarajevo and East Sweden Region.
  • New knowledge gained about collection of specific waste (hazardous waste, plastic, electrical and electronic equipment etc).
  • The Sarajevo Canton has started to establish an institutional framework regarding waste.
  • Improved knowledge in methods and services for awareness raising activities among citizens.
  • Increased knowledge on business development aspects of waste management.
  • Increased knowledge of waste disposal techniques and waste economics.

Energikontoret Östergötland

Vi arbetar för att vi ska nå regionens klimat- och energimål som innebär att vi år 2045 inte ska vara beroende av fossila bränslen. Vi utvecklar och driver projekt och utbildningar för regionens kommuner, företagare och invånare för att använda energi effektivare och att välja förnybar energi. Energikontoret är en del av Region Östergötlands förvaltning från och med 1 januari 2019.